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Tasty Treats – Recipes

The Best Tacos in the World
Taco construction is more than an art it's bringing together the chemistry of nature in a manner that enhances pleasure, stimulates dopamine response and salivary glands and satiates the gastronomical system of the body... In other words, they are very tasty and putting them together properly heightens the experience to the apex of delight for all.
Pizza Basilea
Okay, it depends on how big your pizzas pan is. If its really big, use more ingredients, if smaller, you can adjust down. You can also adjust base don your taste and play with the recipe anyway you like. It's pizza!!! That means it's fun. You can change it, try something new, try something creative. Just have fun.
Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca
Spaghetti alla puttanesca (literal translation: spaghetti as a prostitute would prepare) is a spicy, tangy and somewhat salty Italian pasta from the area of Naples. It is inexpensive and and typically Mediterranean.
Spaghetti Amalfi Cetara
A very unique specialty from a small village called 'Cetara' on the Amalfi coast in Italy. 'Colatura di alici di Cetara' is produced from anchovies and gives this meal it's distinguished flavor.
Pollo Tonnato
A light summer antipasto (appetizer), Italian style.
Risotto Chanterelles
Risotto can be made with mostly any vegetable or mushrooms and flavor – use 'Arborio' rice and hot water or broth to add to the rice, simmer on low flame while stirring – that's all!
Gnocchi Alla Romana
Gnocchi alla romana is of Latium origin. It's name is famous in international cuisine to identify round gnocchi that is prepared with milk and enriched with butter, cheese and egg yolks; these delicious gnocchi are then baked with butter and cheese.
Great basic polenta recipe, polenta is a traditional, everyday Italian and Ticino meal. Polenta is glutenfree. For a variation in flavor try adding Gorgonzola (cut into small pieces) instead of the Parmesan cheese.
Dal - Typical Indian Red Lentils
Dal made with red lentils and served with rice belongs to any India meal.
Vegetable Curry aloo-mutter-gobi
Aloo (potatoes), mutter (peas), gobi (cauliflower) curry to serve with "dal" and rice for a typical Indian dinner.
Basmati Rice
What to say about Basmati Rice? Somebody mentioned ones that 'rice is fattening' – no, actually rice is easy to digest and according to the Canadian Diabetes Association has a 'medium' glycemic index (between 56 and 69), thus making it more suitable for diabetics as compared to certain other grains and products made from white flour. Some basic and exotic recipes:
Indian Lemon Rice नींबू चावल
This rice turns every Indian dinner into an authentic feast meal.
Traditional Basler Carnival Soup
This simple roasted flour soup is traditionally consumed in Basle, a small city in Switzerland, during "Fasnacht" (carnival) after the Monday early morning kick off. Fasnacht lasts exactly three days, from 4 am on Monday morning to 4 am on Thursday.
Buendner Gerstensuppe Barley Soup
Traditional barley soup with a pinch of saffron.
Green Pea Soup
Green pea soup is a classic, everybody loves this soup, and it is inexpensive and fulfilling.
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Soup is really yummy.
Moules Paris at Home
Moules (Mussels) cooked in white wine. If you can't make it to Rue des Italiens in Paris and set down in the restaurant which can only be called Moule Heaven, with so many flavors of Moule you will have a hard time deciding what to have. Where you are served a big bowl of Moule with a big bowl of bread and a table wine on a simple table where you are surrounded by the simple pleasure of people enjoying great food and each other without need to be concerned by anything beyond the pleasure of the moment, then try the following recipe with good friends at home.
Borscht Soup
Borschtsch is a soup traditionally made with beetroot and widespread in Central and Eastern Europe.
Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue
In Switzerland we have cheese fondue typically after a day of skiing in winter holiday – everybody rosy-cheeked after an active day in the cold.
Swiss Tarts - Waehe
Growing up in Switzerland my mom used to make tarts quit frequently. Typically she served a savory tart first (cheese, onions, or spinach) and then a sweet tart, in summer with plums, apricots or rhubarb from the garden and in winter with apples. We call these tarts “Wäie” (high german “Wähe”), the savory can be a similar dish to the french “Quiche”.

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