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Tasty Treats – Recipes

Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes, we all remember it from our childhood, it is one of those fun-foods and it is even easy to make!
Carrot-Mango Soup
Fine, balanced, delicate Fusion Cuisine soup.
Felix taught me how to prepare this ragout, the main character is achieved by simmering the meat in red wine. Ragout is a well seasoned dish of small pieces of meat stewed for two hours with vegetables.
Red Cabbage With Sweet Potato
Red Cabbage With Sweet Potato
Red Cabbage - Rotkraut
Red cabbage with chestnuts, that's extra yummy, it ads a natural sweetness and distinguished flavor! Served with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and roast duck or game – or simply with a mushroom-tofu stew. And: red cabbage is even more delicious when warmed up the next day!
Butternut Squash Soup
Delectable delight! That's how this balanced, tasty, well spiced soup was received by my guests.
Butterzopf is the swiss name for this utterly butterly braided loaf. In Germany it is called "Hefezopf" and in English "braided white loaf" and the "Braided Challah" is a bit similar, but not the same. Butterzopf is great for a Sunday brunch – preparing it the day before.
German Buttermilk Bread
A moist, hearty bread, fast and truly easy to make – and it keeps fresh for long time!
Breakfast Rolls Broetchen
Waking up early today I had a grave for fresh breakfast rolls, and since we don't have the baker "just next street" like in Germany or Switzerland I decided to give it a try and bake them myself. Easy, not much work, only the time for proofing the dough needs a little patience.
Sunday Rolls
These are light and crusty bread rolls, to enjoy any day of the week. Preparing the dough the evening before gives you a relaxed morning – the fast way for hot fresh rolls.
Basic Rolls
A basic rolls recipe – today we used spelt flour, but regular flour also works. In German they would be called "Dinkel Brötchen."
Magic Oat Muffins
Making a basic 'magic wheat free oat muffin' that does not fall apart when you try to butter it has been the holy grail sought by wheat intolerant people (such as myself) for years. As wheat intolerance seems to be on the rise, I decided it was time to play around with some ideas to see if it was possible to make an oat muffin that does not fall apart.
German Farmers Bread
German rye bread is famous for its outstanding flavor, aroma and texture. Typically baked fresh this farmers bread is a staple in German house holds – it stays fresh for a week!
House Bread
A nice every day white bread.
Rye Bread
Rye bread goes well with just butter, it is so flavorful and rich in taste.
Parsley Salad
Utterly simple to prepare and so fresh and crunchy to eat – everyone we know is a huge fan of this parsley salad.
Brown Rice Salad
Using brown rice gives this salad a nice crunchiness and bite feel. If you never have cooked brown rice, one thing is good to know: it is super easy!
Focaccia with Olives
Traditional focaccia (without sugar!) – to be served as an appetizer or small snack.
Gateau aux noix - French Nut Cake
This french nut cake recipe is from my friend Nilima, it is utterly delicious and therefore utterly french.
Mango Chicken Soup
Delicate in flavor, with a light sweetness flowing through a subtle oriental hint with ripe mangos well balanced with a touch of Thai lemon grass, coconut milk and curry. Rich in healthy enzymes, protein and an abundance of enjoyment blended with smiles all around – all in all a 5-star and wonderfully healthy chicken soup.

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