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Life Trainings

What if you were the writer, director, producer and star of a movie that is your life? Would your life be different?

"What if.... were the writer, director, producer and star of a movie that is your life? Would your life be different?

In this movie: Would you take more risks or fewer? Would you take things more seriously or more humorously? Would you seize the day or snooze the day? "

This is how Anand0's and Shunyo's website "Life Training" starts.


Andando and Shunyo have been living and learning meditation for 30 years at the Osho Meditation Resort in India. They give courses around the World on meditation and life training. They work with issues like the female conditioning and the need to be loved by others to inner freedom.


Music, dance and celebration are an important part of Shunyo's work, and this coupled with her intuitive heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence.  Shunyo has a deep passion for meditation. She is also an author, with her book 'Diamond Days' published in 8 languages. Shunyo works with musician and friend, Marco.


Shunyo, Marco and Anando are leading groups and trainings worldwide, the schedule link for the Worldwide courses program is a little bit hidden, here it is:

Shunyo & Marco



Marco is a great life musician, accompanying meditations, he has also self-published some of his music as complete meditations with instructions to do them alone at home or in a group.

Check out his website: Mediation Music

"Intone a Sound" is a chanting mediation in four stages at 10 min to enter from sound to soundlessness. If you like chanting – you may want to try it out.



Sleep Deep - Guided Meditation, by Anando
Mp3 Download from Amazon


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