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Italy vs Europe (Italia vs Europa)

With visuals by Bruno Bozzetto and sound by Roberto Frattini, they capture the wonderful diversity, beauty and contrast of the difference between the EU and Italian culture. I think both cultures can appreciate the difference and the greatness that each flavor provides.
Italy vs Europe (Italia vs Europa)

Europe verses Italy

If you have never traveled in Italy and Europe you may find this video entertaining and funny. If you have traveled in Italy and Europe, you will likely find this video hilarious in its ability to depict the amazing differences between these cultures with the accuracy of the feel and flavor of the two cultures.

Travel to Italy and Europe and you will experience the richness and flavors of these amazing cultures. Each region you visit you will find has a sense of its own history as these cultures have developed through time. From the norther reaches to the Mediterranean exists an amazing diversity and rich history full of the roots of modern civilization.

These regions are steeped in the molding of conflict and coexistence. Through trade and war, religion and development, Europe has become a modern mecca and example of how the modern era can continue to grow and learn while coexisting with roots attached to many cultures and languages.

The following animation only contrasts two of these cultures but the sense that it gives you is truly a taste of each region, at least in general.

Italy verses Europe


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