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30 Lies About Money

Peter Koenig: Money, unlike something in nature - a tree or your liver - is a human creation, so we should be able to understand exactly how we influence its manifestation and how it influences us.

Peter Koenig's interest in money has been more than the surface designs of these money systems.  The central focus since 1984 has been to understand the underlying human dynamics that have led to their specific creation, individually and collectively.


About the book "30 Lies about Money"30 Lies about Money

“30 Lies about Money”, a short book based on working with hundreds of real, live situations in money fora and seminars. It contains the essentials to help you understand your own particular relation to money and free you to do (even) more of what you want to do be doing than presently.  At the same time you’ll understand better why things run the way they run in the organizations you’re associated with,

at work, home, in your financial partnerships personal and professional, and in the world as a whole.

What makes this book standing out from all the books written about how to become a millionaire, how to invest, how to save taxes and so on? This book has a completely different approach this books deals with believe systems and 'lies; in many universally accepted and unquestioned assumptions about money.

...The monkey on the wheel, are you up for an exciting and yet easy ride – oops, read?


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