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Quark fresh cheese

Quark (or qvark) is a yummy fresh cheese of Central European origin and dearly missed by people living abroad.

Although very common in Europe, manufacturing of Quark is rare in the United States. A few dairies manufacture it and some specialty retailers carry it – so make it yourself! It is really easy, only drawback may be that it takes 2-3 days, but the work input is minimal.


Yield ca 1.4 kg
Yield ca 700 g quark
basic calculation
1 gallon milk  (3.8 liter) 1.5 liter milk 3/4 milk
1 quart buttermilk (9.5 dl) 500 ml buttermilk 1/4 buttermilk


It does not work with H milk, if available use full fat milk and full fat buttermilk, otherwise you will not get the full flavor.

Preparation: Making the Curd

Mix together and keep for approx 2 days at between body temperature and 130ºF (36-55ºC) warm, until the culture has grown and the milk has clotted (looks cloudy). No stirring!

Or, to process faster, put the container in the sink filled with hot water and within approx. 8 hours the curdle is ready.

Or, even faster, keep the container (without a lid) in the oven at 200°F (95°C) for about 2 hours. Let it cool down before moving to the next step:

Preparation: Making the Quark

To separate the whey from the milk transfer the batch of clotted milk and whey into a large strainer lined with a dish towel or other linen  over the sink, cover with lid, letting the whey drip off for about 6-8 hours. Sometimes you need to wait longer. To collect the whey, have a bowl placed under the sieve. You can choose how dry or moist you like your quark. Periodically remove the whey that has collected in the bowl.


To get a creamy Quark (Sahnequark) add heavy cream to it, or start Quark with cream milk mixture.


Freshly purchased milk from the store is already sterilized, it needs not be preheated before making quark.

Serving Tips

Quark is versatile and can be used in both sweet or savory dishes:

Serve with a traditional Swiss cheese dinner: Jacket potatoes, a cheese platter with fresh and hard cheeses, some pickles and salad. Quark would be served either plain, or blended with fresh and fine chopped gives or other herbs.

One can eat it simply as a bread spread.

Quark is easy to make and wonderfully versatile.

Quark also tastes fantastic as a dessert: serving the Quark in small bowls, pouring honey over it and decorate with walnuts, or adding fresh fruits to it. Or whip heavy cream and stir under the sweetened Quark.

Quark is also the critical ingredient in German, Austrian and Swiss Cheese Cake.

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