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The Best Tacos in the World

Taco construction is more than an art it's bringing together the chemistry of nature in a manner that enhances pleasure, stimulates dopamine response and salivary glands and satiates the gastronomical system of the body... In other words, they are very tasty and putting them together properly heightens the experience to the apex of delight for all.

Taco-nite is more than just food, its people. No not like Soylent Green. It's about the people, the experience and the community of celebrating the flavor of life, working together toward a unified goal; and enjoying the moment! 

It took a few years to perfect this recipe and once I got it right we started to have Taco-nites in Big Bear Lake, California. 

We never knew when they would happen. It was always spontaneously inspired. When the time felt right. Then the word would go out and we would start to hear about who was coming. It was important to know how many because all the ingredients are fresh and once we knew, then people would start volunteering to bring various ingredients. Everyone pitched in and would make a contribution.

Taco-nite was also open to all friendly spirited people. It was also traditional to support those invited that could not afford to contribute. We would put out a bowl on the counter and everyone placed receipts in the bowl. Then, if someone carried too much of the burden people would pitch into the bowl to even the pot so to speak.

Friends, music, fun and philosophy. My log cabin came to be known amongst friends as Switzerland. Not because we were neutral, but because the discussion was open and it was a great place to be for a discussion.

So there it was, a log cabin in Big Bear Lake, also known as Switzerland. And I'd never even been there. Ironically, I moved to the real Switzerland later... but it's hard to find jalapeños in Switzerland and its even harder to get people to be spontaneous... and harder yet to get them on board with the idea I was not there to serve them but that they had to participate in putting it all together. Buying ingredients, chopping everything up and organizing the evening in general. 

Nevertheless, I have been told that my taco night has been repeated in other states with the same general philosophy and one girl I knew decided to have taco night for their wedding dinner. Imagine three hundred people at a taco-nite. Well I wasn't there but I heard it was wonderful and all enjoyed 'the best tacos in the world'!!!


  • Ripe Avocados (it's ripe when it's soft) (mashed with a fork into a paste)
  • Black Beans (either use black beans from tins or black beans simmered for some hours (over night soaked is best) and cook them in water only till soft and tender) (no salt or spices added)
  • Jalapeño (fresh, not marinated) (chopped fine)  
  • Scallions (spring onions) (chopped)
  • Tomatoes (chopped) (I use Roma usually but any tasty tomato will do)
  • Cilantro (chopped)
  • Salt
  • Fresh Lemons (slice into wedges)  
  • Corn oil or preferred light cooking oil  
  • Corn Tortillas (best w/white corn)  

Arrange ingredients in the order above on the counter. This will make taco construction easier.   Set up bowl's for ingredients.


Heat oil in large flat pan. When the oil is hot place tortillas in pan. Use long tongs to avoid getting burned by spattering oil. When you place each tortilla in the pan let one side of the tortilla soak in the oil for two to three seconds then fold the tortilla in half. Brown tortillas to taste, i.e. soft or hard shell. Place shells on paper towels to drain. 

> Place spoons in the ingredient bowls.


Fundamentals of Taco Construction 101:

  1. Open a shell
  2. With the back of a spoon spread a layer of avocado on half.
  3. Sprinkle black beans on the layer and press into avocado.
  4. Sprinkle some jalapenos over the beans (to taste).
  5. Sprinkle in a layer of Chopped Tomato
  6. Sprinkle in a layer of  of Scallions
  7. Sprinkle in a layer of  of Cilantro
  8. Salt (don’t be shy with the salt, but don’t get crazy either)
  9. Squeeze a wedge of lemon on top (the lemon juice will marry the flavors together as it drips trough the ingredients).

Best served w/Margaritas and/or Mexican beer. Gather everyone in the Kitchen and once they see how you do it—let them load their own tacos. It is taco tradition to indoctrinate the taco virgins in a ceremonial fashion.




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