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"Fat Chance" by Robert H. Lustig M.D.

One can derive multiple meanings from the title. The chance we are taking by eating the modern 'industrial diet', the difficulty one faces in trying to eat healthy, the daily fight to keeping a healthy body weight; the challenges we face and time we invest in trying to overcome the misleading information we are fed by the food industry, politicians, and lobbyists... In the end this book is about our chance to get better, to repair our metabolism, and to live a healthier and happier life.
"Fat Chance" by Robert H. Lustig M.D.

Dr. Robert H. Lustig

In this profoundly detailed analysis Dr. Robert Lustig reviews the evidence regarding how and why America is getting fatter. Understanding the metabolic processes by the food we eat, helps us to make the better choices, from the market to the table.

Dr. Robert Lustig is a pediatric endocrinologist and has spent the past 16 years treating childhood obesity and studying the effects of sugar on the central nervous system, metabolism, and disease. He is the director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, a member of the UCSF Institute for Health Policy Studies, and a member of the Obesity Task Force of both the Endocrine Society and the Pediatric Endocrine Society.

While science is steadily advancing our understanding, what is revealed in this remarkable work is that we have more than enough evidence upon which to base individual decisions about the food we eat as well as address policy choices in order to achieve a healthier life.

"Fat Chance" makes the case that we have allowed yet another industry sector to profit, not by adding value to our lives, but by adding externalized costs, such as health care costs, reduced productivity, and even placing our individual and collective security at risk as stated by the past three U.S. Surgeons General and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the U.S. Military; all declaring obesity as a "threat to national security".

Dr. Lustig covers everything from the chemical and metabolic processes, to the red herring arguments used by the food industry and how the government through inaction is complicit in  allowing industry to damage not just physical health but economic health as well. One can argue about whether or not they are misdirecting the nation naively, ignorantly, or just driven by the pressure to drive growth in profit margins. Never the less 'they' are doing it and we are paying for the damage to our bodies, in our health care bills, in our lives, and in our general well being. The case is clear: there are enough studies, we have enough evidence to start turning this epidemic/pandemic around.

Whether you think you are healthy, or okay, or if you need to lose weight, or just want to feel better and live up to your own potential, this book will give you the understanding you need to reorganize your own food environment and begin the process of becoming healthier. Of the many important messages contained within one of the most important is this: If you think you eat because it's your fault, or you have a sickness; If you think your craving food is because you can't control yourself; read this book. You will find that on a systemic basis the modern industrial diet has corrupted our brain and body biochemistry. We have been misinformed and our food has been tampered with. That's NOT your fault.

They say knowledge is power. 'Fat Chance' is the knowledge you need to gain the power to take control back from the food industry and put yourself in the driver seat again. It's not magic, it's not a diet, it's simply a better understanding of what is good for you verses how people, industry and the government are lagging behind in understanding; and not taking action that would be of benefit to us all. So, start reading it today and it will likely change the way you look at food and certainly influence how you shop!

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