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Quantum Computing Has Arrived

Quantum Computing Has Arrived
Now that we have Quantum computing, the next big question is what should we ask it?

Quantum computing is no longer a thought experiment. I remember back in the late 80's when the first meetings were being held for quantum computing at Berkeley in California around the late 1980's.

The fact that a quantum computer is designed around processes in quantum mechanics allows amazing and unique capabilities. The qubit for example is not like the bit or byte of data we are accustomed to. It's sort of like a position in between the 1 and 0's that make up standard on/off signals in computers. It's using the space in between. In a sense, it can think more like a human brain by not processing information in a linear fashion.

IN a quantum computer, one qubit, which is a consideration between the 1 and 0 is interacting with another qubit. In other words, instead of on or off, the output becomes the possibility of consideration of teh infinite combinations of consideration between two 1's and two 0's. Think about that. And then add millions more possibilities to interact with the consideration...

That's interesting.

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