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Did you know 2010

Do You Know Where The Food You Eat Comes From?
Food, Inc. is a brilliant movie all about the US food industry and the food we eat. And since we select the food we eat, we do have a choice and we are the 'buying power' for that industry – meaning our daily food.
The Survival of the Wisest
In 1972 Jonas Salk has written these thoughts "The Survival of the Wisest" that I find incredible relevant and revealing for our today's World.
Trafficking children for adoption and a better life?
"Haitian officials said Monday they are thinking of sending 10 U.S. Baptists to the United States for prosecution after they were arrested trying to take 33 children out of the country without government permission."
Global Plant Productivity
Global Plant Productivity otherwise known as Net Primary Production has to do with the total organic plant life on earth. That's all the green stuff. This relates to what is called the 'carbon sink' which is how much CO2 the plant life holds in various regions around the planet and how much is released back into the atmosphere.
Climate Change and the Integrity of Science
A letter from 255 members of the National Academy of Science (NAS) published in Science Magazine, May 7, 2010. The subject is 'Climate Change and the Integrity of Science'. The letter is a substantial statement, and yet the media did not pick it up.
Using Open Source Software
It makes good sense for small businesses to save money by working with free software like 'Open Office Suite' instead of the costly Microsoft Office Suite, and there is even more to it! Trim your expenses with just the tiniest bit of know-how:
Arctic Ice Melt
The Arctic Ice is melting at an alarming rate, which could leave the North Pole virtually ice free within 10 to 30 years. Paleoclimate analysis indicates that the Arctic has probably not been ice free for about 3 million years.
Climate Science History
While the 'Greenhouse Effect' has been known for nearly 200 years it was not until the 1950's with the aid of studies funded by the US military that the major components of the theory were well understood. This largely had to do with understanding the atmospheric composition in the stratosphere but there are many interesting pieces to the puzzle of climate science.
Black is the new Green
Greenpeace calling for the relaunch of the BP (British Petroleum) logo caused a critical engagement with the oil company on one hand and a reflection with current brand communication on the other hand.
NYC - 40% of Public School Children are Overweight or Obese
City statistics released last month showed that nearly 40 percent of public-school children in kindergarten through eighth grade are overweight or obese. Mayor Bloomberg is taking action to help the people, and the state, fight this disturbing and dangerous trend, that is eroding the health of the public, and increasing the burden on the state with rising health care costs and the increasing threat to quality of life.
Lord Christopher Monckton
Lord Christopher Monckton, using his 'Lord' title for promoting himself and presenting charts that are out of context. This is the problem with people that hold their own interests above the common good. Oh my, that sounds socialist!!! Funny how pots are always calling kettles black. What is really funny is how people like Monckton don't recognize the difference between social responsibility, and socialism.
The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam
John Coleman, a weatherman from KUSI TV in San Diego California thinks global warming is a scam and released an article in January, 2009 saying so. We decided to see how good his argument really was.

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