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Dining in and around Basel

Dining in and around Basel
Insiders' tip of fancy places, cool places, in places, traditional places where to dine and wine in and around Basel.

In the heart of the city

Restaurant Cheval Blanc

The restaurant holds three Michelin Stars, chef Peter Knogl won the gourmet top league and was awarded by the Michelin Guide as the third Swiss chef with the maximum points, so, yes the food is amazing, but even more amazing is the setting, the atmosphere and the view over the river Rhine. The "Cheval Blanc" is at Basel's grand hotel "Les Trois Rois" at the Rhine. You might consider a Sunday brunch (approx CHF 130.–) : Enjoy a relaxing Sunday with family and friends over the legendary brunch buffet in the historic ball room, every Sunday from 12 pm to 3 pm. Or if that is not within your budget, just visit for an afternoon glass of Champagne and enjoy the atmosphere.

Der 4. König (the fourth king)

Located at the shores of the Rhine river, just beside the famous hotel "Drei König" (three kings) is that lovely restaurant with great atmosphere, with a good choice of wines – a hidden gem in Basel. The food is freshly prepared, yet the prices are in the same range as restaurants that don't put so much work and good ingredients in it…. They offer a four course dinner with selected wine for each course.

Tel +41 61 261 54 42 | Tripadvisor review

Restaurant Safran Zunft - historic Restaurant

Who doesn't love saffron?! This historic restaurant is founded by the historical spice trader guild and located in the heart of the city. Just visit the Safran Zunft website and you get an impression of what to expect, it is truly an amazing experience. "The respectable Safran Zunft was first documented in the 14th century. At the beginning especially spice traders entered the Safran Zunft. … In the Middle Ages, guilds were very powerful. The city council (executive branch) was elected from the group of guild masters and the great council (legislative branch) was made up by the guild board member. This was radically changed when in the middle of the 19th century the new Swiss constitution was established.  Today the guilds’ tasks consist of preserving the ancient guild houses and of cultivating local traditions. The Saffron Guild is one of the four most important guilds. Every year, they celebrate their guild feast on Ash Wednesday and visit each other." 

Restaurant Schlüsselzunft – historic Restaurant

This impressive destination restaurant is housed in a historic 16th century building and effortlessly combines history, superlative service and modern cooking, delivering a unique dining experience. Exquisite food and atmosphere in a historic setting, the Schlüsselzunft is the oldest guild house of Base, in the heart of the city. 

HIstoric Restaurant Loewenzorn in BaselRestaurant Löwenzorn – historic Restaurant

Is similar to the Schlüsselzunft, housed in a historic 16th century building and transmits an impressive historic 'old-world' ambiance combined with contemporary, delicious dining experience. The brasserie Löwenzorn has received the ICOMOS-Award for conservation and maintenance of historic restaurants.



The Veronica has atmosphere! It is an outdoor place, only open during summer, located on the Rhine river – not just "at" the Rhine river but on a historical wooden platform build as a "bath house". The view is spectacular, the food is of high quality, all organic – it has it's price.

If you are walking on the other side of the Rhine promenade, where the Tinguely Museum is, take a ferry boat ride over the Rhine. The Rhine has 4 traditional ferries, here the link to Wikipedia (in German) and the link to the Basel Fähren (in German).


Restaurant Wanderruh im Gundeli

Restaurant Wanderruh

The Wanderruh is located behind the train station in the quarter named "Gundeli". It is a lively quarter of Basel and the restaurant is located in an Art Nouveau corner house with a garden, the ambiente is a mix of local easy going and fine dining offering a garden fresh cuisine with high quality products, meat products are sourced from 'Jenzer Meat & Delicatessen, Arlesheim' from local and sustainable farming. It delivers a good value for money and is all in all a great experience, perfect for business as well as a romantic dinner.


Sud-Haus – fun, life music

Bar, cafe, some life music events, check on their website for events.

Opening times: Wednesday & Thursday 4pm - 1am | Friday & Saturday 4pm – 4am

Just across the border, in Germany

This region, called "Baden" of Germany is lovely, has an excellent hospitality, and is much more affordable in comparison to same Swiss standard restaurants. 

These are my favorite restaurants from this area:


Lunging and dining in a lively atmosphere, fantastic food, inspiring desserts and all at very reasonable rates.

Image Gallery, reservation: +49 7621 70625625 (closed on Tuesday)

Fünfschilling, 5-Schilling

FünfschillingThe special thing about Fünfschilling is that it only serves local grown food and wine – therefore always in-season vegetables, that the prices are super affordable, that it is one of the best places to eat white asparagus during the asparagus season in spring.
In Summer the garden is great, kids play under the cherry trees on the play ground while parents talk in an easy atmosphere. It's a blend of farmers restaurant with locals and people from all around the area, of all ages, from family with kids to young couples and seniors, blue collar workers to white collar ….
The down side of Fünfschilling is that it is very crowded in the evenings (one can find a spot to sit or stand on a bar table regardless), and the inside parts of the restaurant a big halls and when full it is too loud to have a good conversation.

Fünfschilling (english-pdf-link) | Tripadvisor review | Closed on Sunday

Villa Feer

Excellent food, located in neighboring Lörrach, romantic, high-end, a bit costly but probably better value for price than restaurants Switzerland. Villa Feer


Outstanding excellent food, beautiful location, beautiful view over the Rhine valley, romantic, high-end, by car about 20 min. from Basel. Berghofstübli

Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 11pm

Gasthaus "Zur Blume" – Wollbach

This restaurant is a gem. The atmosphere is country-style, earthy, yet also modern, contemporary. The menu has the same mix, it fits in the country side of this area, prepared with fresh and local ingredients blended with a fine touch and high quality. Friendly staff and owners.

Basler Strasse 8, 79400 Kandern-Wollbach, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Telephone: +49 7626 97 32 55

Kreiterhof – Wollbach

Kreiterhof is a 'Straussi', which means it is only open few months a year, the menu is simple and only local, the experience is very country-style, the restaurant is in an old farm in a small village in the country side. It is worth the experience, make sure it is open before you drive out there: Telephone +49 7626/591

Opening season: approx. March 30 to June 17th and August 24 to November 4th

Opening times: Tuesday - Thursday 4pm | Friday – Sunday and holidays from 11am

Wollbacherstr. 1, 97400 Wollbach, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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