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Change The World

Awareness of issues: This section a place to say what you want to say about what is wonderful in the world or the general insanity that we are subjected to. What's happening around the world? We will post on issues and welcome your comments to add to the global discussion.

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Retirement Heist:

How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers

Investigative reporter Ellen Schultz talks about how corporations deliberately deceived their employees and Congress to profit from workers' pensions.

Exposing The Climate Hoax

An Independent Analysis of Economics & Climate Science

Exposing The Clinmate Hoax

The data indicates that current on trend warming is very likely human caused. That means those that claim 'it's a hoax' are participating in the hoax and if we really want to protect our economy we need to put on our thinking caps and get this all in context.