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Sambodhi Prem

Improvised, acoustic instrumental music
Sambodhi creates music from a meditative perspective with the sensibility & dedication of a chamber musician.

Realx and listen to some of his samples:

Sambodhi Prem has been a recording artist with releases dating back to the mid-eighties, mostly guitar-based instrumental music and introspective titles for relaxation.


Most beautiful is the "Cello Circles"  "a fun project between friends living on opposite sides of the globe, this CD grew organically into a richly orchestrated ode to the many colors and nuances of the cello."



"In music and in life I like to listen to the gaps of silence between the sounds. I love music that is played from a place of 'not knowing', a place of innocence - improvisation and listening is important to me in music."

"I see music as being enough unto itself - I'm not keen to jump on one of the bandwagons that are available to musicians these days, ie music for Sunday mornings, music for yoga, music for studying etc. However I have found that people play my music while doing certain activities and I'm of course happy if they do. I've been told that relaxation, reiki and meditation go well with my music. I'm a meditator and I make music from a meditative perspective - leaving some space in the music for silence to emerge and to be felt.  

I have always felt that I can be a better musician if I can become a more developed and wiser human being and vice versa. Charlie Parker once said: "Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."


Link to his albums

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